Upper Moreland Police Officers Receive Awards

On March 19, 2019, at the Board of Commissioners meeting, several Patrol Officers with the Upper Moreland Police Department and members of the Second Alarmer’s Rescue Squad were awarded for their life saving efforts.

Per statements released by the Second Alarmer’s Rescue Squad:

(photo above)

On 3/26/18, 39 year old Danielle suffered a sudden-death cardiac arrest in her home. Her husband, Tom, called 911 and, assisted by Montgomery County 911 dispatcher Kevin Brogan, Tom and his mother, Sue, performed CPR until help arrived. Upper Moreland Police Officers Kevin Moffett and John Kidd quickly arrived and took over CPR until SARS EMT Brett Thomas, Paramedic John Hill, and Battalion Chief Anthony McGrail arrived and provided advanced life support care. Danielle was defibrillated (shocked) 13 times by the crew during their care on scene and enroute to the hospital.

Thanks to the quick actions of her family, the 911 call taker, Upper Moreland Police and SARS providers, Danielle regained a pulse and was discharged from the hospital a few days later. She has now made a full recovery.

Upper Moreland Police Officers Receive Award for CPR

On 11/9/18, 37 year old Lauren was out shopping with her mother and young children. Just after feeding her newborn infant, Lauren complained of severe pain in her chest and went into respiratory distress. Her mother, Joan quickly called 911 and requested help. Upper Moreland Police Sergeant Brian Newhall quickly arrived on scene and began to render aid while directing EMS crews to where the patient was located in the parking lot.

Upper Moreland Police Officer Scott Metheny arrived a short time later as well as Upper Moreland Detective Sergeant James Kelly and SARS Battalion Chief John Townsend. All provided care on scene until SARS EMT Nick Carney and Paramedic Christopher Lappe arrived a short time later. Just after being loaded into the ambulance for transport, Lauren went into cardiac arrest and lost her pulse. All present provided aggressive resuscitative efforts and rapid transport to the hospital. When transferred to the ER, Lauren was in grave condition and it was felt that there was a good chance she would not survive the event.

Much to everyone’s great pleasure, Lauren did regain a pulse and was discharged home after a short stay in the hospital. Today she has returned to a normal quality of life. She is pictured above holding one of her children.

Upper Moreland Police Officers Receive Life Saving Award

On 1/13/19, while watching a football game at home with his family, 61 year old Steven collapsed in cardiac arrest. Steven’s son, Mark, quickly called 911 and assisted by Montgomery County 911 call taker Molly Vanderloop, Mark, his brother Kevin, his mother Andrea, and a neighbor Corinne performed CPR until additional help arrived.

Upper Moreland Police Officers Craig Bald and Timothy Lynch arrived a short time later and took over CPR. They applied an AED; however, no shock was advised. SARS EMT William Hartnett, Paramedic Michael Smaltini, and Assistant Chief Richard Garret arrived and took over resuscitation providing advanced life support care. The LUCAS II CPR device was applied along with other treatments.

Thanks to the efforts of his family, the police officers that responded, and the EMS crew, Steven regained a pulse and was discharged home after a brief stay in the ICU.

He walked into our station a few weeks ago to thank the crew and reported that he is back to his normal routine and with the exception of some memory issues, he has made a full recovery.